Various Clients


Over the years, I have created a wide range of logos for a variety of brands and products. Traditionally trained in graphic design, I understand the impact of a strong visual mark and the values it instills. Branding serves as source of design joy and I will never hesitate to dust off illustrator and create some logo magic

dark blue background with a gradient filled sound wave and honey server forced connection with cream colored type reading synchoney
a dark turquoise apple at the center of an ornate letter b with an arrow piercing the apple diagonally. The log sits on a mint background with Blaylock Photgraphy arranged below in a serif typeface
Blaylock Photography
a sale boat graphic centered inside a dark blue circle with a golf hole flag as a mast with a red flag. Lake park golf course sits below the logo in a serif typeface.
Lake Park Golf Course
a dark and light version of the abstract organic logo mark resembling a concentric flower. The People's Creative sits below the two marks in a serif typeface.
The People’s Creative
The logo appears on a black background and is a car from a birds eye view fit inside an outline of a battery, creating a forced connection relates to a parking space. The logo is half filled with lime green. The word Juxt sits below the graphic in a mathcing lime green.
Juxt Mobile App
The logo appears on top of a black background. The logo consists of the letter M and mosse antler extending from the top of the letterform. The centered logo and the name Moosejaw Shave Co. are in white.
Moosejaw Shave Co.
The logo appears on a bright orange background. A graphic image of a suitcase sits under a box held up by a stick similar to a small animal trap. A string extends from the box to connect to the period in white snagajob.com logotype.
A cursive A letterform is combined with the base of a chair. The black logo appears on top of a light grey background.
Theatre Antiques
5 circles with different colors, purple, teal, yellow, pink and blue surrounded by a white outline create an abstract wheel like graphic. The logotype spells out circlebots in a thin sans serif typeface. Both logo and logotype appear on top of a dark blue background.
Circlebots Agency
A multicolored hand with sections of the hand being divided by lines in the hand. A heart sits at the center of the hand giving the appearance of a city map. The words City Square appear to the right of logo in blocky sans serif font and are a warm grey. The logo and logotype appear on top of a light sandstone background.
City Square
An outlined female form is centered within a pink lotus shaped form. The words Women's Health Alliance appear below in a modern purple sans serif font.
Women’s Health Alliance
A P and R letter form combine to create a pink and peach gradient logo. Push Refresh is centered below in a flattened sans serif typeface.
Push Refresh
The words northern national appear on top of a light blue background. The logotype appears as a handwritten script and are the color white.
Northern National